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    Governors Ball Was A Fyre Fest Like Disaster!

    Governors Ball was called off Sunday night after everybody was already there.

    Organizers are blaming bad weather, but some are calling it New York’s version of the notorious Fyre Festival. The last day of the three-day music festival was going downhill from the start. It then was eventually called off due to thunderstorms later that Sunday. Three hours into the festival, video screens started flashing warnings of bad weather. The Governors Ball organizers urged people to calmly head to the exits. Organizers said they’ll give ticket holders a full $115 refund for the show, along with pro-rated refunds for fans who bought three-day passes.

    Some of the people from the festival packed under an overpass. They were trying to take cover from the downpour and lightning. Thunder and lightning rolled through the city much of the night.

    Many took to social media to voice their complaints. Hence, some compared the Governors Ball to Fyre Festival, the failed 2017 music event that led to lawsuits.

    “Terrible organization all around, governors ball = Fyre Festival.” Monday, reps for the event say they are “working incredibly hard” to get refunds sent out quickly. Only people who bought tickets through the Governors Ball website will get their money back, they said.

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