Golf Wang Fall/ Winter 2015


This Sunday, Hip Hop superstar, Tyler The Creator is set to release an eclectic collection of youthful and skate themed clothing  online under his brand, Golf Wang. Using signature neon and highlighter tones such as pink, peach and mint, the collection is 100 percent Tyler.

I’ve always liked Tyler, The Creator since the first day I watched his “Yonkers” video. The imagery and creative energy was new and exciting, unlike anything that was being done by young entertainers. You know–he just breaks the mold. He does exactly what he wants and we either love it or hate it, but eventually we learn to respect it.

He is apart of this new age of thinkers and creators that hold weight in popular culture. I remember seeing some of his Odd Future wear while I worked at PacSun. From there, I knew that eventually he would unleash a clothing line.

This line is a great start for him as a designer. From his ability to sketch, edit and create, Tyler has a hand in all creative components which makes him a force to be reckoned with. Not only does he choose the clothing, he creates and directs the photo shoot, giving him the ultimate creative control of his brand.

The vibe of the collection screams cool, relaxed, California skater but with a rebellious, confident attitude that resists the social norms of fashion, similar to Jeremy Scott. Full of jackets, pullovers, tees, overalls, bags, purses, stripes and polka dots, Tyler gave us fans exactly what we wanted and more. In a recent interview with Vogue Magazine, Tyler discussed the importance of being independent, resisting social norms, wearing and believing in what feels right. He has impressively constructed his aesthetic around these values, setting him apart from other creators both in music and fashion. So kudos to you Tyler and your team for a great collection! We wish you all the best over here at HypeFresh. 

Check out the collection here guys!


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