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    Golden State Warriors Steph Curry Shot Heard Around The World

    Steph Curry breaks record with the Golden State Warriors

    Golden State Warriors Steph Curry continues to make strides and elevate the game of basketball as he becomes the official owner of the three-point record. Curry has only added to his reasoning for being considered one of the greatest of all time. His legacy is cemented. However, this is just icing on the cake surpassing the iconic Ray “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Allen in three-pointers made. Although the New York Knicks aren’t performing at the highest level, Madison Square Garden remains one of the most prestigious facilities in the country. 

    The two-time MVP and three-time NBA champion still have room to simply improve his resume even further. Currently, he’s the favorite to win the MVP in 2021. Not to mention, their team is sitting at No. 1in the Western Conference. The Warriors have 23 wins and only five losses on the year. Ultimately, the Warriors are running away in the Western Conference because of the “baby assassin” Steph Curry. Golden State has yet to even have Klay Thompson in the lineup, as they are the original “splash bros”.

    The attendance came to no shock at all with the magnitude of the moment. People from all over the country came out to witness history. Curry has revolutionized the game with his shooting like no other star in the NBA has ever done. That’s not to say, there haven’t been elite or great shooters in the NBA. One would agree, there are levels of excitement and thrill. Many people don’t get the opportunity to fulfill the sense of excitement without watching Curry play.

    Curry’s humble beginnings

    Golden State Warriors Steph Curry’s story is almost Cinderella, fairy-tale-like. Curry’s path of becoming an all-time great from being under-recruited is motivational to many.  He played at a very small school in college, Davidson College, where he showed out in the March Madness tournament. His journey to stardom in the league wasn’t as easy as people may believe. He suffered several big-time ankle injuries and had to play in the shadows of former Warriors guard Monta Ellis.

    “It’s definitely a story that rings true to a lot of people who aren’t huge basketball fans,” Kerr said. “Steph appeals to everyone.”

    The stats tend to only tell one-half of the story. However, the numbers are shocking when compared to Allen’s. Curry has done more in fewer amount of games and three-point attempts. This means not only was he more efficient but also more effective in his era. Steph Curry has learned and taught the masses how to dominate the game with three-point shooting. Many legends before his time dominated in similar ways with aggression and athleticism. Curry showed the world you can still be effective and be a smaller quicker and less physical specimen.

    Steph Curry’s body of work earns him being called the greatest shooter of all time. However, he never felt comfortable giving himself the title. This award allows him to say it proudly and Curry believes it’s one of his most important accomplishments as a basketball player.



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