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    Golden Globes 2023: Fashion Revolution

    Put down those protest signs because the Golden Globes Awards are back from cancellation, and we expecting a fashion revolution.

    After its quiet hiatus in 2022, the ‘so white’ Golden Globes are trying to start the year off with a bang. The HFPA faced lots of backlash for its lack of inclusion and diversity. Many winners went as far as returning awards, while other celebrities boycotted the Golden Globes altogether.

    2023 brings in a new year and, with that, a better reputation. This year the Golden Globes will include various A-listers as presenters and headliners, including Billy Porter and Rihanna. These fashion changemakers always serve and leave no crumbs, but will fashion statements be on the front, or will celebrities move on?

    A.O.C.'s Met Gala Designer Explains Her 'Tax the Rich' Dress - The New York Times

    Fashion has always been a way for the masses to express their concerns about society. We know celebrities do not shy away from the red carpet, from AOC’s’ taxes the rich’ dress worn at the Met Gala 2021 to Lizzo wearing a dress with the words’ vote’ at the 2020 Billboard Awards. Fashion is the best tool to cause a stir and evoke change. It takes a special type of person to be bold enough to be fabulous for themselves and others.

    “I would be interested to see, from a styling point of view, what people are going to do,” celebrity stylist Rose Forde said. “Are people going to really push it? Are they going to be a little more reserved this time?”

    Celebrity stylists like Forde are excited to see what the vibe will be during one of the biggest awards ceremonies of the year. Many designers and stylists are eager to show off how expansive their client’s styles are. But will the celebrity’s fashion evolution be enough to cause a revolution?

    Recently the organization has been in the works of reformation and has admitted 103 new voters (composed of 22.3 percent Latine, 13.6 percent Black, 11.7 percent Asian, 10.7 percent Middle Eastern and 41.7 percent White, with 58.3 percent self-identifying as “ethnically diverse”).

    But is the math mathing?? If not, resorting to fashion to hold the organization accountable is always a solution if the stylist wants to see them push boundaries. What better way to do it than honing in on the 2022 Golden Globe controversy?

    What do you think? Should they take it to the red carpet?

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