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    Giselle Bundchen Found with Antonio Brown, Evil World We Live In

    Former NFL WR Antonio Brown just continues to shock the world with how low he can stoop to embarrass or troll Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. Anyone who’s been following the trajectory of Brown’s antics in regard to Brady’s family it’s evident these two are no longer friends. While Brady appears to have taken the high road by not responding and not shedding any light on the matter, Brown continues to antagonize, per

    Ironically, he decides to troll while being on the run by the Tampa Bay police. A warrant was issued the past week for Brown’s arrest in regard to a domestic violence dispute between brown and his girlfriend. However, he’s yet to be detained although he had a standoff with the police, according to

    While the focus should be on Brown for his negligence many forget it may possibly be true to Brown’s claims after all. Yesterday evening, Brown released a photo in bed with blonde hair woman that resembled Brady’s ex-wife Giselle Bundchen. While this isn’t out of character for Brown as he posted sex tapes in the past. This is alarming for Bundchen if she did in fact cheat on Brady with his teammate.

    Just When One Thinks Antonio Brown Can’t Get Any Lower, He Does!

    It’s abundantly clear, that Brown doesn’t plan on stopping his antics. For example, he began trending on Twitter after dropping the bombshell photo of him and alleged Bundchen. Unfortunately, this post was alarming more so of Giselle Bundchen than it was of Brown. This sparked many questions around the sports world.


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