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    Gervonta Davis Defeats Isaac Cruz In A Very Controversial Fight

    Gervonta “Tank” Davis has shot to boxing stardom as of late. As Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s protege has piled up a bunch of electrifying knockouts. He climbed the ranks and seems to be the real deal going forward. “Tank” having Mayweather as a mentor has helped elevate his game significantly. Davis took on Issac Cruz, who was an underdog going into this fight. Cruz resides in Mexico and has never been looked at as a true threat.

    Many believe this would be a cakewalk win for Davis or another electrifying knockout. While the fight was amazing, the masses were a bit disappointed with Davis’s performance based on how close the fight actually was. Davis sits at 26-0 with 24 KOs, he’s 27 years of age and resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Gervonta Davis became a big pillar in his community and a beacon of hope for many young children and aspiring professional boxers in the area. His opponent, Cruz sits at 22-2-1 with 15 KOs. This fight accouter for neatly 16,000 people in the Staples Center.

    As stated prior, the consensus of the fight was it was an amazing fight, however, Davis didn’t fight to expectations. Davis later came out after the fight and spoke on an injury he suffered during the fight that altered his entire game plan. Ultimately, Davis was able to pull the fight out by unanimous decision.

    “I hurt my hand, so I couldn’t get him out of there,” said Davis, a southpaw who barely threw a left hand over the final two rounds. “Just was throwing down and I hit him on top of the head. I messed it up.”

    Gervonta Davis vs. Issac Cruz round-by-round breakdown

    Round 12:  Davis played it safe and threw all jabs just to secure the victory and get out the fight clean. Cruz took some haymaker shots, however, they were not successful. He did manage to do damage on the body to win the round.

    Round 11: Davis seemed to be favoring his left arm. Many are thinking this is where the injury was taken place, due to the fact, he almost threw no punches the entire round. Cruz won this round basically by default and based on activity alone.

    Round 10: Cruz dominated the majority of this round. He connected with a couple of left hooks and forced Davis to pin up against the ropes. Davis refused to pressure he kept playing a defensive game plan. Cruz began to pick up some momentum.

    Round 9: Cruz did not apply enough pressure, however, he did show a glimpse of good moments. Davis was more consistent and seemed to be in control of the fight thus far. Not to mention, Davis’s punches were much cleaner.

    Round 8: Davis begins to get comfortable and opens up his arsenal a bit more. The punches didn’t seem t be affecting Cruz much. But it is clear, Davis was winning and dominating the fight up until this point. Cruz landed a few goods left jabs towards the end of the round but wasn’t enough to win the round.

    Round 7: Cruz was not utilizing his jab and closing the distance. Davis took full advantage this round and began unloading with right hooks and Cruz took the brunt of most of Davis’s Power shots this round. Clear round for Davis.

    The first half of the fight

    Round 6: Davis applies the pressure for the first time and easily was his best round thus far. Cruz seemed winded and threw fewer shots including some wild power shots he missed on.

    Round 5: Davis was warned for the second time for excessive shoving. However, he landed a lot of counters with the right hand and was a clean round for him. Cruz was making him work for his shots but not enough offense was shown.

    Round 4: Cruz is determined to pressure and continues to come forward. Davis struggles to keep Cruz at bay and Cruz delivers some key body blows.

    Round 3: Davis sits on the counter uppercut for the majority of the round, and Cruz is happy to eat them on his way inside to the body. Cruz proved he has a good chin and wasn’t affected much by the blows landed by Davis.

    Round 2: In a very close round, Cruz applies pressure but Davis connects on a good amount of counter uppercuts. These seem to concern Cruz’s coaches.

    Round 1: He applied pressure and figured the only way to win was to be aggressive all fight. He landed several good shots late in the round and seem to get an early jump on the fight.


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