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    German Music Artist Celine Georgi Release New Single “23 Savage”

    German singer and songwriter Celine Georgi has disclosed a vibrant, energetic melody in the form of her newest single, “23 Savage.”

    “23 Savage” is a stimulating and uplifting song that sets out for a new beginning in the artist’s life, making the feeling in both the melody and the lyrics something unique for Celine Georgi and her listeners. Here Celine showcases her powerful ability to combine exquisite R&B with engaging hooks fusing her angelic vocals controlled by pop-driven instrumentations into a smooth production.

    Celine Georgi is no newcomer to the music scene and has been writing and making spectacular songs from quite an early age. She always hopes to perform on a big stage where she can fill thousands of people’s hearts as they chant her name while she performs. She has been chasing her dreams of becoming a prominent name in the music industry, and from this single, we can see why it won’t be long until she reaches stardom.

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