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    Georgetown Legend John Thompson Dead At 78

    Former Georgetown coach John Thompson is Dead at 78 years of age.

    Basketball Hall Of Fame inductee and legendary coach of Georgetown, John Thompson has died. Thompson was the first African American to win a national title and was well respected in the basketball community.

    As the news of the Coaches passing began to spread, former players, colleagues, and fans shared their condolences.

    The passing of John Thompson comes during the same week college basketball lost Arizona Lute Olson.

    For many Thompson, legacy is a reminder of the racial gaps that are apart of America’s history. Most fans only know John Thompson as the big angry black guy who was apart of the violent Big east back in the day.

    However as a coach, “Big John” was the epitome of what a coach should be, boasting a 90% graduation rate for four-year players. Furthermore, in addition to Iverson, Thompson is responsible for the NBA careers of Alonzo Mourning, Patrick Ewing, and Dikembe Mutombo, just to name a few.

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