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    George Floyd’s Brother Testifies Before House Committee.

    Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd is speaking to a House Judiciary Committee about police reform.

    A day after attending his brother’s memorial, Philonise Floyd taking action to get justice for his brother. The younger brother is the “big brother now” according to Philonise, and his brother’s death won’t be in vain.

    In an emotional plea, Philonise Floyd was one of the multiple speakers to speak in front of a house judiciary committee about Police “reconstruction”.

    “He called them ‘sir’ as he begged for his life”. I can’t tell you the kind of pain you feel when you watch something like that. When you watch your big brother, who you’ve looked up to your whole life die. Die Begging for your mom.”

    These are the words Philonise Floyd spoke while testifying today on Capitol hill. Social media has desensitized us the murder of unarmed black men so much that the videos average millions of views. Imagine for a second that the person being killed in the video, was your idol, your big brother. Picture seeing your brother being suffocated while screaming out for your mother, as a cop snuggly squeezes the life out of him.

    For the Floyd family, the Garners, the Rice’s, and the many unknown victims of police brutality, they don’t need to picture it because they have lived it.

    No matter how you feel about #defunthepolice or what you think is the best way to handle police reform in the US. One thing is clear, the conversation is long overdue, and if we as a people really desire to move forward from this issue it needs to be resolved.

    “Perry, look what you did, big brother. You’re changing the world. Thank you for everything”

    We should be thanking George Floyd for his ultimate sacrifice, just as his younger has.

    What do you guys think of George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd’s remarks?

    Let us know in the comments.


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