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    Gay Teen Said Fuck It & Came Out During Catholic School Assembly

    Gay slurs and homophobia may be running rampant in religious institutions, but one gay teenager was welcomed with a wealth of support as he came out during a high school assembly.

    17-year-old Finn Stannard received a glorious standing ovation when he came out as gay at his “elite” high school St. Ignatius in Sydney, Australia.

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    SBS reported that the school’s principal, Paul Hinesc called Standdard’s speech a “watershed” moment for St. Ignatius. In terms of Finn coming out, Principal Hines beleives that no one chooses their sexuality. Instead, he beleieves that “we need to be open to that and to accept it and to make sure we live in communities of inclusion – and with that will come diversity.”

    To watch the speech in full, visit here. 

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