While we were all tuned into “The Winds of Winter”, there weren’t any exciting battles like the previous episode which was expected. Though there were plenty of surprises that perfectly completed the season, just like every Game of Thrones season finale. One of them was Cersei eliminating all of her problems very quickly with one of her infamous schemes.

Single-handedly taking out the high sparrow, the Tyrells (other than Olenna), and the rest of the court with wildfire. Pretty brutal huh? Well, if you’ve been following Game of Thrones for some time now, you know it isn’t for Cersei. What she didn’t think would happen was Tommen, her son and the king of Westeros, to commit suicide because of this tragedy.

She didn’t seem too upset as she was probably willing to take the sacrifice, leaving her to sit upon the iron throne. After all she did for her children and they are all dead? I don’t think she plans on being a gentle queen, Jaime even looked a bit concerned about her. She may have gained a temporary victory, but she’s created even more enemies.

The Starks are slowly making their comeback. Arya takes to King Walder Frey and slits his throat for the treason he committed at the red wedding, which resulted in her Mother and oldest brother’s horrible deaths. When Brandon takes to his tasks as the three eyed raven, he finds out a well-kept secret. His older brother Jon Snow is actually his cousin. This is big because he has been viewed as the bastard child when all along he was the son of their aunt Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. This means Jon Snow, Stark, Targaryen, whatever you may call him, can not only be King of the north but has a valid claim to the throne to be king of Westeros. How will Daenerys Targaryen feel about this as she is on her way to king’s landing with a fleet of ships holding 3 armies and 3 Dragons?
Also congrats to Sam, he is now a Maester in training. The Red Witch was also banished for burning a child last season. Little finger playing the fly on the wall while plotting on the iron throne but we are pretty sure he stands a 0% chance. While everyone is focused on the war for the throne, the Night King stands with an army of dead at hand which is the grand scheme of the show. When will this war unfold?


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