Galina Ivanova On The Street…. Via Soho, New York

Galina Ivanova

Taking to the streets of Soho, NYC, HYPEFRESH‘s fashion street team ran into the statuesque and elegant likes of Galina Ivanova, casually strolling alongside her stylish friend Gia Ozdemir. No pressure here as both Ivanova and Ozdemir gracefully accepted our request to capture what seemed to be the essence of pure style.

Honestly, I just threw this on. Glad you guys see my vision, I truly appreciate your tastes.” – Galina Ivanova

Ozdemir in a chic black dress blazer and brown boots, complimented Ivanova’s sporty white topcoat jacket, which graced a relaxed layered white scarf underneath a grey splattered charcoal sweater. Amazingly patterned leggings, just before the grey-ash colored boots… And to finish it off, a slick red patent leathered handbag and some impressive specs colored in ivory and black, dark tinted.

Nothing less than perfection. And what seems to be mostly found in Soho, has also been discovered in Philadelphia a few weeks back on the streets. Fashionable people walk amongst us everyday, openly expressing themselves through physical aesthetic and appearance. We’re delighted that they do… Makes city sighting that much better.

Photography: Erin Simon, HYPEFRESH

Street Style Curator & Visionary:Mike Cook, HYPEFRESH

Words // Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH


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