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    Future Throws Shade At Ex Lori Harvey

    Breakups never end pretty. Rapper Future’s breakup with ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey clearly didn’t end on good terms. A year later, the emcee still takes shots at his ex-girlfriend. Now that Harvey has moved on with Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan, the rapper especially seems jealous. In one of his latest tweets, the rapper throwed some major shade at Lori Harvey in a diss track. Additionally, Future even dissed the actor. Clearly, Future has major jealousy issues.

                      A Rapper Shades His Ex-Girlfriend

    via Capital XTRA

    Relationships can often times take on tons of work. However, some couples just don’t put in enough work. Future seemingly doesn’t work on his relationships hard enough. The emcee has been known to talk illy of his exes, even in cases where they didn’t deserve it. His most infamous breakup happened with his ex-fiance Ciara.

    Furthermore, the “Fine China” rapper fired shots at yet another ex, this time model Lori Harvey. The two dated back in 2019 but lasted only for a year. Since breaking up, the model has moved on to Without Remorse actor Michael B. Jordan. While everyone can’t stop gushing over the new couple, Future isn’t over his former girlfriend.

    On Wednesday evening, on of Future’s leaked tracks contained a diss line about Lori Harvey. “Then it’s over  . . . Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her.” Clearly, Future threw some major shade Harvey’s way. Additionally, the star rapper fired shots at Michael B. Jordan, by tweeting, “Buy her a Patek if you love her.” The rap star has plenty to say about his exes relationships. Though, he himself can’t keep his girlfriends happy.

                              Future’s New Girlfriend

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    Apparently, Future seems better at dishing out “relationship advice” than being a good boyfriend. The rapper has been in several failed relationships. He’s certainly not wining “the best boyfriend of the year” award with his current girlfriend, Dess Dior. Since breaking things off with Lori Harvey, the rapper has moved on to Dior and they’re living it up. In fact, the two are currently vacationing in Mexico and taking plenty of photos together. It’ll be a shame in Future ruins this relationship by throwing shade at his exes.



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