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    Future HOFer QB Michael Vick Set On Not Returning To League

    Is Michael Vick Playing Football Again?

    The former Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick remains retired, although many speculated about him possibly joining the Fan-Controlled Football League alongside some other NFL stars. According to ESPN, Vick showed interest initially in joining the league; however, he later tweeted that he’s staying on the sidelines.

    “I hung ’em up in 2015 never to return again,” Vick tweeted. “Had an amazing time and accomplished so much. I say that to say, they’re going to stay hung up and I will not be coming out of retirement.”

    What is the Fan Controlled Football League?

    The league consists of eight teams that play seven regular-season games. The regular season and playoff games are all held at an indoor stadium that contains a 50-yard field in Atlanta. The game style closely resembles a seven versus seven styles. However, the catch is the fans get to call all the plays.

    Many former NFL stars have played in this league recently. Some of the more well-known players are Terrell Owens, Johnny Manziel, Terrence Williams, and Martavias Bryant. 

    Michael Vick’s Legacy in the NFL

    Vick was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2001 NFL draft from Virginia Tech. While his career took off and became a household name. This shortly came to an end after he plead guilty to charges for his involvement in dog-fighting. After years, he returned to the Philadelphia Eagles and earned Comeback Player of the Year. After reviving his career, Vick moved on to the New York Jets in 2014. Later, he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015 which led to him retiring in 2017.

    Although Vick had a unique, however, fruitful career many believe him to be a future HOFer. Vick in his career amassed  22,464 passing yards completing 1,807 of 3,217 passes with 133 touchdowns and 88 interceptions, per ESPN. Not to mention, he also ran for 6,109 yards in 873 attempts with 36 rushing touchdowns. However, Vick doesn’t see himself getting into the HOF, and better yet that he deserves to be in it amongst the other great QBs.

    “Realistically I feel like I ain’t do enough,” Vick told The Boardroom: Out of Office podcast (55:43). “I feel like I did my part for the history, for the sport, and the revolutionizing of the position, and that’s enough.”

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