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    Future HOFer Antonio Brown Continues to Seek Attention

    Unfortunately, former NFL WR Antonio Brown Continues to make headlines and tabloids due to his own foolish behavior. This past weekend the Future HOFer resided in Dubai, one would assume for vacation. However, the reasoning for Brown’s visit is not mattered at all, the actions that occurred during the visit are what raise concerns. According to TMZ, Antonio Brown appears to have exposed himself to multiple guests while in the pool.

    The New York Post originally broke the story, however, the reports say these videos were shot in May of this year. Apparently, Brown and another guest (woman) began getting handsy in the hand pool. Ultimately, this led to him exposing himself, as well as, throwing his bare ass in the unidentified woman’s face.

    Details of Video with Antonio Brown

    In the video, he appears to be completely naked while in the pool. Quite frankly, it’s extremely disturbing and a bit graphic. Oddly, to his defense, the banter back and forth between Brown and the guess does appear to be consensual. At one point, he even begins to lift her up and dunk her in the water and she responded back by laughing and joking. 

    Ultimately, she swims away while he’s cheered on by random men at the same hotel. This behavior is rewarded it utterly disgusting and not approved by respectful people around the world. According to the Post, once he began flashing her, she soon grew angry and felt uncomfortable. Leading to her complaining to the hotel managers about Brown’s behavior.

    Naturally, Brown is receiving a ton of backlash for his action, and justifiably so. At the moment, while these actions were egregious there are no actions that have come from his behaviors in May.

    What’s AB up to?

    Brown isn’t playing football this season, however, this doesn’t mean he can’t be picked up throughout the season. Due to his off-the-field issues, as well as, on-the-field antics, many teams don’t want to take a chance on him.

    Safe to say, after his last actions in Dubai not many teams will come knocking down on his door.


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