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    Future Confirms Collab Album With Metro Boomin is OTW

    It is always a great day whenever Atlanta legend, Future, and his longtime friend/collaborator, Metro Boomin, makes music. It seems like whenever they link, all they do is make masterpieces. I still listen to Monster like it just came out. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic to hear that Future and Metro have another collab album in the works.

    Rumors Are True

    I have been hearing rumors about the duo but Future finally confirmed them on Instagram this past week. This news has me more than excited for multiple reasons. Not counting late last year, these two haven’t worked together in a while. “Superheroes”, the lead single from Metro’s recent album, was their last collab since the late 2010s, which feels like forever ago.

    Just go back and listen to “Superheroes” lyrics. It’s obvious these two still have great chemistry together. What’s even more surprising about this news is that Future made this announcement fresh off tour. I should’ve known they had something in the works when Future brought out Metro to perform “Superheroes” and it looked lit.

    Haven’t Missed A Beat

    Their chemistry is so good that you could argue they should drop one of these annually. By far, they are one of the best artist-producer duos in the rap game. My only wish for this project is that it’s a sequel to their notorious Monster mixtape series and we get a Monster 2. That would be legendary.


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