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    Funk Flex Plans To Resume Playing 6ix9ine On New York Radio

    It was only a couple of years ago that New York rapper, 6ix9ine was considered “The King of NY Rap”. Now in 2023, it’s safe to say that title is in safe hands with Ice Spice. Before the snitching incident, it seemed like he could no wrong in the eyes of the public. Well, according to Funk Flex, that all changes today. He made a post on social media saying he plans to resume playing 6ix9ine’s music on the radio station.

    Tired of “Oldheads”
    For one who cares? If we’re being completely honest, nobody listens to the radio anymore. Almost everyone in my age group uses an aux cord when they get in a car. So this isn’t breaking news to anyone, because no one is unaffected by this news, except 6ix9ine. I stopped caring about anything Funk said a long time ago. He’s the literal definition of a “hip-hop old head”.

    Even though no one asked, he further explained his thought process that went into this decision. “Many of your favorite artists cooperate with law enforcement”, implying that he didn’t want to be hypocritical. If anything, it seems like the only reason Funk Flex said this was to sneak diss Gunna. No reason to throw stones, then hide your hand.

    Don’t Funk The Flex

    Someone as loud and obnoxious as Funk Flex shouldn’t have a problem saying things with their chest. If you’re bold enough to say something publicly, you have to keep that same energy. It’s very corny to be subliminal and beat around the bush, in my opinion.



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