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    Fuck Yeah! Non-Binary Is Now An Option on Birth Certificates In NYC

    There is some good news for Non-Binary people in New York City!

    According to the Associated Press, instead of putting male or female on a birth certificate, NYC residents can pick gender X. This option is also available for parents to give their newborn children. The law was passed earlier in 2018. It is just going into effect now. New York joins one Washington, California, and Oregon as a place in the country that offer non-binary options for identification. New Jersey will also have a similar law going into effect in February.

    New York City mayor said in an earlier statement this week:

    “Transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers deserve the right to choose how they identify and to live with respect and dignity. This bold new policy advances the fight for equality and makes our city fairer for all people.”

    This is a historic moment for both New York and the rest of the country. Hopefully, other states will follow in the footsteps and create more options for non-gender conforming people.

    But, what do you think of this law? Do you think it contradicts the LGBTQ concept of self?  Please drop a comment below and for more LGBTQ, keep it locked to!


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