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    Fuck Smoking Marlboro’s, Invest In Weed Like It’s CEO

    If the maker of Marlboro cigarettes just invested in the weed industry, you should too….

    According to some reports, Marlboro maker, Phillip Morris is getting into the weed industry. Specifically, he has invested billions into both medical and recreational marijuana. 

    The exact amount is 2.4 billion! As a result of this business move, Altria (the parent company of Marlboro) has a 45 percent stake in the company.

    Cronos Group CEO Mike Gorenstein said the following statement:

    We just got a new partner and now resources – but beyond that, the network and support (Altria) can offer – being able to have that experience. It’s an alignment and a partnership but it’s not like the deal is over. We’re all very, very, excited about the beginning, and we can now go and do the things we want to so.”

    So, if you smoke cigarette’s put that shit down and get with that weed! For more on weed and updates on this story, keep it locked to! And again, fuck smoking cigarettes…weed only!


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