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    Fried Chicken Can Get You A Boob Job & $10 Million Worth of Diamonds

    Fried chicken has always been a favorite in many different cultures. But it may have just been elevated.

    A heir to the southern food giant “Kentucky Fried Chicken“, has made some major ruckus. The person in question is none other than Kaila Methven, a person that is living off the family wealth of good ole fried chicken. Most recently she participated in a photoshoot, for JMG Lifestyle Magazine. It was at the shoot where her body was covered in an estimated $10 million dollars worth of diamonds.


    During the shoot Kaila stood naked in front of about 20 people, which can obviously be somewhat uncomfortable. At some point in time the family business “Rainbow Chicken”, supplied KFC with the majority of their chicken, however the company was sold back in 1991. She now has launched into the realm of lingerie, and owns the brands known as Madame Methven and LDKM. View the photoshoot here, courtesy of

    Methven told Business Insider about the enormous pressure of being wealthy: “as an ‘heiress’ I feel like any other person, just with more financial responsibilities and more stress. As with most people, the more money you have, the more problems you attain.”

    We can’t help but to look at the beautiful body of Kaila, and instantly compare her to when Rihanna fine ass let them kitties out for New Years. Perhaps a better comparison would be with Kim Kardashian.. Kayne Ain’t all there, but he’s still smashing Kim Kardashian.

    Do you think she has a better body then Kim Kardashian? Or perhaps Cardi B? Leave your comments below.

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