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    French Soccer Player Paul Pogba Receives Backlash For Holidays

    At times, sports fans can be overwhelmed with emotion for how much they love the team or players they support. Many believe sometimes what’s someone’s gift can also be their curse.  At this moment, there’s no difference between what French soccer player Paul Pogba is going through and what many other athletes deal with.

    Pogba received backlash for something completely out of his control on his social media posts. The former World Cup winner took to Instagram to share pictures of his winter holiday with his followers and family. However, this backfired greatly and he received a ton of negativity instead. Pogba couldn’t even take a simple “selfie” in front of snow mountains without being criticized or hounded for being injured throughout the World Cup.

    With the World Cup concluding not long ago, for many French soccer fans, the wound is still fresh. France just lost to Argentina led by Messi; however, if they would have had another star or maybe a veteran presence they may have won the World Cup, which is the sentiment most fans share. Naturally, as he posted that selfie he received many, “Go train, our patience is running out.” Or, “When are you going to stop stealing your salary?”

    Pogba suffered an ACL tear that sidelined him from the World Cup and many fans are giving him a hard time about finding ways to enjoy life. He got injured in this year’s pre-season training camp session. Though he has not played at all this season he hopes to make his return to futbol by the end of January. In the past, his antics and flamboyancy may have raised eyebrows, however his work ethic and production have no reason to be questioned.

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