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    Frank Ocean Is Blessing Fans With A New Song Tonight!

    It should be no surprise that Frank Ocean made his fans wait nearly four years for the highly- anticipated follow-up to his GRAMMY-winning debut channel ORANGE. Seven months after Blonde, Frank is already back to releasing new material and it’s slated to surface tonight!

    According to HDD, Ocean will release a brand new single this evening (March 10) as an Apple Music exclusive. On top of his contribution alongside two-thirds of Migos on Calvin Harris’ new single “Slide,” the song’s title and production credits are not yet known. According to John Mayer, it can be best described as …”space reggae.”

    The new announcement sees fans and celebrities alike fanning over the new release. Justin Timberlake’s most recent twitter rant solidifies this notion as he states, ” While I’m at it…Frank Ocean has the real Album of the Year with ‘Blonde,'” he tweeted, followed by the hashtag “not fake news.”

    Timberlake immediately caught backlash for his allegations, but for once, we must agree that Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ stunned fans, but maybe not for the best. It redefined the landscape of music genre’s positing him as a standout and limitless artist in this new digital age of music. From tracks like “White Ferrari,” “Nikes,” “Ivy,” and “Nights,” Frank Ocean was able to display his versatile artistry through a myriad of influences and perspectives.

    Will his next track follow the wave?

    Only time will tell.


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