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    Frank Ocean Has Been Boo’d Up With Mystery Man For 3 Years

    Looks like Frank Ocean has more than just Nikes on his mind. Could it be three years of dating?

    In a recent interview with Gayletter magazine, Frank Ocean finally revealed that he has been in a relationship for three years.  The elusive and brilliantly talented singer-songwriter also trashed the notion of using dating apps in the same breath. When asked about his reasoning, his answer was quite simple.

    “It is a little hectic being a famous person on dating apps.”

    He continues that he’s been in a “relationship for three years. I definitely wasn’t using dating apps before then. I don’t think I would use dating apps now. I fuck with Marc Jacobs’ philosophy on that, so I wouldn’t rule it out, but it is a little hectic…”

    And as you can guess, that was all the information Frank was willing to give on his relationship.

    For the rest of the interview, however, he does offer sound advice for navigating an art business industry and what it means to be a songwriter. He even mentions what happened in his horrific deal with Def Jam. As for his elusive demeanor that is hand-painted in mainstream media, he disagrees for sure.

    It’s funny to me that that’s the perception, but I understand what people mean by it in this new paradigm.

    But what do you believe? Is Frank Ocean too much of a recluse or do we expect more than artists should give to the public? Please comment below, check out the full interview and for more celebrity news and gossip, keep it locked to!

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