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    Frank Ocean Drops Two New Singles

    Ocean Releases Acoustics Singles “Dear April” & “Cayendo”

    It is a bit easier than normal to get bored or stressed out nowadays. A fun way to help deal with both of these things is by throwing on some music to listen to. If you like hip-hop or quality music in general then you are in luck. Frank Ocean dropped two new songs this past week titled “Dear April” and “Cayendo”.

    (Follow these links to give “Dear April” and “Cayendo” a listen)

    What to Expect

    The tracks feature a low key and chilled out vibe that is more than typical for Frank Ocean. The songs are reminiscent of some of his earlier works such as Blonde. If you are a fan of Frank Ocean than I believe that you are sure to enjoy these songs. They are nothing too crazy, but definitely some solid songs that you can throw on and chill out to.

    Along with Frank’s full works BlondeChannel Orange, and Nostalgia, Ultra he has also released a number of quality and unique singles over the past few years. I highly suggest giving these tracks such as “Chanel”, “Biking” featuring Jay-Z and Tyler the Creator, and his stellar cover of Andy Williams’ “Moon River” a listen. Frank Ocean Drops Two New Singles

    This year has already seen a number of big artists dropping hits. This includes Mac Miller’s Circles, Lil Uzi Vert’s Eternal Atake, and many more. Now you can add Frank Ocean to that list. Unlike the other artists mentioned Frank only dropped two songs, not a full album. Still hearing about any new music from Ocean is always a treat.

    Final Thoughts

    Even with the sparse amount of music that Ocean has released in recent years he has still been able to establish himself as one of the best artists in the game. Frank Ocean’s two latest singles “Dear April” and “Cayendo” are no different than what we’ve seen throughout his stand-out career.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Are you just as excited as me to hear about some new music from Frank Ocean? Do you expect him to drop any other singles or even possibly an album within the near future? And what other songs are out that you’ve been listening to recently?


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