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    Former Steeler Ryan Clark: ‘Russell Wilson not an all time great’

    Out of nowhere, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is catching strays from Fox Sports analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark. Several takes are coming in all over about Wilson’s future and legacy. However, this isn’t the normal clickbait or “potential trade packages” story many are have grown accustomed to.

    Yesterday morning, Clark said, “ Russell Wilson is a very good quarterback, but not an all-time great quarterback”.

    He emphasized that the NFL community must stop considering him as such and must stop putting him in those conversations.

    Clark doesn’t seem to believe that Wilson is as impactful as he appears. As matter of fact, Clark says, “Wilson isn’t that great” and “isn’t that much of a factor that changes who football teams are.”

    Ryan Clark compares Russell Wilson to Big Ben

    Clark naturally compared Wilson’s career to his former quarterback and Future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger. He discussed their trajectory and compared how they won their titles very similarly and once talent came to those teams, they both didn’t deliver.

    While there are tons to unpack here, the mere fact Clark believes Wilson was chopped liver or some afterthought on that 2013 Seattle Seahawks team is laughable. Wilson accumulated more wins through ten seasons than any QB to ever play the game of football. He holds the fourth-highest passer rating of all-time, not to mention, he ranked 15th all-time in passing touchdowns. Per sources, since entering the NFL in 2012 he’s second only behind Matthew Stafford in game-winning drives (playoffs included).

    According to Stathead, his weighted approximate value amongst Qbs drafted since 2000 ranks seventh. Wilson is only one Pro Bowl away from having ten, which only means he’s well respected amongst the league and people believe he’s one of the best in the NFL. Without a doubt, will Russell Wilson be in talks with Tom Brady and Joe Montana, probable not. However, this doesn’t mean he’s not one of the greatest of all-time. He’s a Future Hall of Famer, and just after one down year of his ten year career it seems odd the amount of hate being spewed his direction. The kicker is just years prior, Clark tweeted this contradicting his entire point and stance.



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