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    Former New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Hints At Return

    Former Saints QB Drew Brees is potentially returning to football, reported ESPN. There are several different theories on why this may be occurring. Drew Brees randomly tweeted that he may want to return for some odd reason and caused speculation throughout the football media. The 43-year-old QB retired from football in March 2021 and spent his first season as an NFL analyst for NBC.

    Theories surrounding Drew Brees’s Return

    One of the theories of Brees’s return is that he wasn’t performing on-air and wanted to save face. Similarly, to former Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten’s situation. They both were amazing players while playing and then looked to get into broadcasting after retiring. However, many were unmoved by their skills and ratings decreased.

    Another possible theory is that he simply needed a year to rest his mind and body. Took the time to see what the front office inquired about this offseason and believes he’s ready to return to compete at a high level. The Saints recently acquired All-Pro WR Jarvis Landry and All-Pro safety Tyrann Mathieu.

    The New Orleans Saints’ Plans Going Forward Brees

    While Brees is second in NFL history in career passing yards (80,358) and touchdown passes (571) only behind the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady. Naturally, this brings thousands to ask, “Can Brees still play?”

    Saints HC Dennis Allen is in a difficult position because he’s not sure to go according to schedule with the plans or pivot and adjust for Brees. However, he speaks about not trying to live in a hypothetical situation and is dealing with reality. While the situation seems messy it is a good problem to have if you are a head coach. Many aren’t taking into account the return of Jameis Winston coming off an ACL injury. Now, potentially putting a future HOFer in the mix only makes things more problematic.

    “I don’t really want to live in those hypothetical worlds right now,” Allen said. “We’ll see where it all goes, but he caused a lot of interest, that’s for sure.”

    The Saints have a lot of decisions to make this upcoming offseason if Brees decides to return to the Saints. However, this can all be “nonsense” and attention-seeking propaganda.

    In the end, this news begs another important question: why did Drew Brees retire in the first place?


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