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    Former NBA Player Ben Gordon Punches Son Multiple Times

    Former NBA player Ben Gordon allegedly punched his 10-year-old son in the face multiple times after his son dropped a book, reported Joe Marino and Allie Griffin for The New York Post. He later was arrested and an American Airlines employee told police she witnessed the former SG punching the boy and yelling at him after dropping a book in LaGuardia Airport.

    The 39-year-old was charged with two counts of assault in the second degree, two counts of assault in the third degree, and criminal contempt in the first degree, per the police report. While being faced with these heinous crimes, he still allowed bail at $20,000 cash, $50,000 insurance bond, or $50,000 partially secured bond at 10%.

    Gordon had an exceptional NBA career, in fact, he earned an estimated $84 million during his tenure. However, he was unable to post bail and as a result, will spend the night at Rikers Island. Due to the severity of the strikes, Gordon’s son was treated at Long Island Jewish Children’s Hospital, according to reports.

    Unfortunately, there’s been previous instances in the past where Gordon’s gotten violent. Since 2018, the young boy has had an order of protection out against his father, according to the New York Post. This order was issued in Chicago and prohibits Gordon from “committing physical abuse, harassment, or the interference with personal liberty” against his son.

    How Did This Happen Between Ben Gordon and His Son?

    Gordon and the child were waiting for their flights to Chicago from LaGuardia Airport, which appears normal. However, the son dropped the book while they were running slightly late for the flight. Gordon began to grow visibly angry and eventually began getting physical.

    In the process of him getting physical, two Port Authority officers attempted to reprehend him. However, he resisted and now is facing charges of injuring the two officers. Both cops were taken to the hospital to receive immediate treatment. Sadly, Gordon’s record doesn’t appear to be in the best standing.

    He has many misdemeanor charges, however, a little of anything eventually becomes a lot. All in all, Ashley Banks, Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, says she’s spoken to the child’s mother

    “I spoke with a child’s mother and like, she’s like, ‘He would absolutely never do that.’ The child’s fine. Safe. Was not hit at all,” Banks told The Post. 


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