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    Former Baylor HC Kim Mulkey Disrespects Brittney Griner!

    Several former Baylor University women’s basketball players began to attack former HC Kim Mulkey for her lack of support for star WNBA player Brittney Griner, reported TMZ Sports. Many believe turmoil began between Griner and Mulkey due to the fact Mulkey’s resistance to support Griner. In 2012, Griner helped win a national championship for Baylor and Mulkey. However, Mulkey appears to have no recollection of that and continues to not have any ties relating to the star center.

    However, former Baylor star Queen Egbo refuses to let this go unnoticed and continues to blast Mulkey on social media. Currently, Mulkey is the head coach for LSU women’s basketball team, she arrived in 2021.  Earlier this week, Mulkey was asked by a reporter, “Do you have any comments relating to Brittney Griner?”

    Just to clarify, Griner’s situation with Russia has caused tons of controversy and has forced many to question many rules and regulations set in place. Griner was found with drugs on her person while going to Russia. She later was convicted for smuggling drugs in Russia and currently still resides in a holding cell.

    Mulkey responded in such little words, however, it sent an immense message:

    “And, you won’t.”

    Difference Styles in Coaching

    While Mulkey responded to the Griner situation disgustingly, the new Baylor HC Nicki Collen responded as one believed Mulkey would. Throughout the Griner situation, many have displayed their true colors and just their stance on civil issues. Collen stands with Brittney Griner and was not afraid to say so publicly, reported Matt Lively for KCENSports.

    “She was Baylor,” Collen said, “She made Baylor a household name.”

    In the same breath, the No.1 advocate for Brittney Griner appears to be Egbo. In her defense, she makes very valid points. Prior to Griner, Baylor wasn’t very relevant and she came in and absolutely dominated and carried the Bears to two national titles. Oddly, Mulkey acts like none of this took place and didn’t directly affect her legacy as well.

    “A player that built Baylor, 2 national titles, & a 40-0 record,” Egbo said, “Yet her former coach refuses to say anything or simply just show any kind of support.”

    “Keep that in mind when you’re choosing schools.”


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