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    Michael Flynn Fucked Us Over..Time For You And Trump To Pay, Bitch!

    The former national security adviser to the Trump Administration”Michael Flynn”, is in some hot water.

    Around a year ago, Flynn pleaded guilty after suing to federal investigators regarding his ties to the Russian Investigation.

    Judge Emmet Sullivan prepares to sentence the former general.

    Over the past year, Michael has worked closely worked with Special Counsel Robert Mueller regarding the corruption during the recent presidential election.

    Him along with Michael Cohen are key witnesses in an ongoing investigation that will surely pull Trump into the mix.

    Many politicians have called the former National Security advisor a liars, and believe he will save his own ass with false testimony.

    We don’t know if that is wise, as he already lied once to and will have to face the consequences.

    At the moment, the judge has delayed sentencing. Further information will be given at a later time.


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