Flying Preacher Descending from Ceiling Sparks Debate about Church

A video of a pastor has the internet talking about the current nature of church. While some may think his behavior is too much, others believe it’s a creative way to connect with churchgoers.

In the video, Rev. Bartholomew Orr is seen descending from the ceiling, as he delivers his Sunday sermon.

The spectacle happened at Southaven’s Brown Missionary Baptist Church. It’s a predominantly black church, and has over 10,000 members, and two campuses.

Since going viral, people are calling Rev. Bartholomew Orr the “flying-preacher.” The device used to hold the man was similar to a zip-line. After many claimed that it was a waste of the church’s money, the congregation, in question, responded. They revealed that the device had been used many times before during special holiday productions.

“There is a bigger picture, and that is Christ is returning soon,” Orr said. “And just as Christ’s return is going to be unexpected, my flying in this morning was unexpected. But we must be ready.”


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