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Floyd Mayweather Bust Ass


Floyd Mayweather Bust Ass From Crossover

Floyd Mayweather might be the champ in the boxing ring, but on the basketball court he’s nothing but a chump.

It was an embarrassing moment for the Money Team boxer, as he completely got showed up by Larry Williams–aka–the Bone Collector. Bone Collector is a current streetball basketball player, notorious for leaving his opponents limping off the court. It’s clear that Floyd Mayweather bust ass once he tried to guard the streetballer.

And he lived up to his name on Monday night.

The ball player completely broke Mayweather’s ankles, as two of them played against each other in a $50k Charity Challenge celeb hoops game at UCLA, says TMZ.

In the video, it’s clear as day that Mayweather has no idea what he’s doing, or getting himself into. When Bone went left, Mayweather went right. And when Bone went right, Mayweather stumbled to the left.

It wasn’t long before the boxer was laying flat on his back.

We have to give it up to Floyd though. It takes heart to take a beating like that in public, especially when you’re the king of bragging.

When asked about why he’d even attempt to go up against Bone, Floyd simply said he was interested in the challenge.

Other than Floyd taking a major L, the night ended off well. The event helped to raise money for Teen Cancer America.

In attendance were other celebs like Michael Blackson, Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones, Snoop Dogg, Kyle Kuzma, Rob Gronkowski, and more.

Thoughts? What are your thoughts about Floyd Mayweather bust ass getting crossed over the Bone Collector? Do you think Floyd could have a future in basketball, or should he just stick to boxing in the ring? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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