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    Floyd Mayweather Attempts To Buy An NBA Team, Offers $2 Billion!

    Legendary boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather is attempting to live up to his nickname. No argument, he’s proven to be the greatest boxer of his generation. However, he’s now looking to grow outside of basketball and become even more. Mayweather’s latest venture is attempting to buy an NBA team, reported Kurt Helin for NBC Sports.

    “I’ve been working on buying an NBA team outright. One of my other business partners, Brent Johnson, he’s here. So we’ve been working on the NBA team for a while now. It’s kinda, it’s rough…”

    Which NBA Teams is Floyd Mayweather Looking to Purchase?

    The teams that seem the most logical are the Las Vegas franchise and possibly the Seattle franchise. Mayweather hints at possibly buying a franchise that’s already up and running, however, this may be a tall task even for the champ. His initial first offer was a whopping $2 billion for majority ownership. Many believe he over-invested, however, he assures that he didn’t and he remains comfortable.

    “Do I have it? Absolutely, I have it, but it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot when you have so many different businesses all around the world. It’s a lot.”

    At the moment, the only team for sale that’s public knowledge is the Phoenix Suns. This is to be known to be well over $2 billion. Many are predicting that the Portland Trail Blazers may be for sale in the upcoming years.


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