Florida Pastor Learns Lesson After Being Arrested

Florida Pastor Learns Lesson After Being Arrested

End Mass Early

Florida is a state that is known for a lot of things. The lovely beaches, huge alligators, and mort importantly, crazy nonsense. So it’s by no means a surprise that Florida officials would name churches as an “essential businesses” when it can put thousands of people at risk. This risk didn’t stop Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown from holding mass, and the Police were not thrilled about it.

Florida Pastor Learns Lesson After Being Arrested

Police arrested the Pastor after being informed that the Pastor was holding mass at maximum capacity in the church. This violates the ten-person gathering as well as the six feet away policy. The Pastor potentially put thousands of people at risk by holding this type of event. While other countries are taking this disease very seriously, it seems Florida is not.

Luckily after being arrested, the Pastor realized the era in his ways and decided to live-stream his masses instead of having a public gathering. If he had done this from the start, plenty of lives could have been spared. But better late than never, I guess. As the number of cases continues to grow, we can only hope that other people begin to take this seriously. Because the longer they don’t, the more people are going to get sick ad the longer we’re going to be in quarantine

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