HF Exclusive: Florida Hip-Hop Artist Doughh Kicks Flows Like NINO. Listen To His Latest Offering

Florida Hip-Hop Artist Doughh Kicks Flows Like NINO

Big shoutout to Blanq Beats for lacing Fort Lauderdale’s very own, Doughh with a serious soundtrack for his new music.

It’s nearly been a year since Doughh dropped off his last single, “Don’t Lie, Don’t Cry“. With that record, Doughh embraced his versatility as an artist, tapping in to his Caribbean roots and captivating an audience of over 500K listeners, worldwide.
Kicks Flows Like NINO
Today he’s exploring a different vibe with his new track “NINO,” which is all about the money and the residuals.

Doughh had a few words to share upon his release:

This is the first single from the rap side of my upcoming double EP. I feel that “NINO” exemplifies the new age swag of music, mixed with exuberant lyrics that compel a story. With the heavy trap beat, I turned the character Nino Brown of “New Jack City” into a positive figure in which I’m molding myself into. -Doughh

Florida Hip-Hop Artist Doughh Kicks Flows Like NINO 1
Tune in below and check out the early take from Doughh and his forthcoming 6-song Hip-Hop EP, “Much Is Given“, which will be released with an R&B EP entitled “More is Tested.”


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