Pay Attention: FLORES Is Making Waves.

Making Waves


The rising R&B soulstress hailing out of Norway, U.K. has something to prove.

An American citizen originally, now Scandinavia’s blossoming raw talent to watch.

She’s mostly inspired by Lauren Hill, Bjork, Tupac & James Blake.

FLORES takes lyricism to an entirely new level, passionately performing on “Oceans”, produced by Maths Times Joy.

Breathy, tender and chill-maxed vocals, blended with a sweet, angelic voice.

In a recent interview with Wonderland Magazine, FLORES describes her sound in three words:

“Tender. Soulful. Honest.”

When asked about the story and inspiration behind her dreamy single “Oceans”, her response was as followed:

“Oceans” is about being in a relationship where you are so deep in, you can no longer see yourself, instead you see both of you as one entity. It was to show the depths of how much one can get hurt, and how getting out of the relationship can be so difficult. It can be hard separating yourself from the other person.

HYPEFRESH, Inc. has an eye/ear for talent. Especially rising, emerging creatives. FLORES is making noise from across the seas, straight to the screens of our Macbooks Pro’s. Now if she’s doing that now, imagine what noise she’ll make a year later.


Listen to FLORES on Soundcloud.

Follow her on Twitter too.

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