Flo Milli Makes Her Debut With New EP



20-year-old Alabama native, Flo Milli is probably most known for her two singles “In The Party” and “Beef FloMix”. Like many popular songs these days, both singles blew up on the app TikTok. From this fame, RCA then signed a recording deal with her. This prompted her latest and most powerful work yet.


Last Friday, Flo Milli released her debut project in the form of an EP titled Ho, why is you here?. This EP features tracks like “Weak” and  “Like That Bitch”. Flo Milli does not disappoint us with this one. After listening to this album, you won’t be able to stop saying her branded catch phrase “Flo Milli Sht!”

The whole EP is confident and ruthless. All 12 tracks come together perfectly here. There’s not a bad track so to say. Flo Milli’s verses are pure genius and her sound has always been one of a kind. Her lyrics are aggressive, but also smart and funny. 


Flo Milli does not hold back one bit on Ho, why is you here?. At only 20-years-old, she is quickly working her way to the top of female rappers. She still has a long way to go but we are excited to see what’s next for her. 

Flo Milli also released a music video for the track “Weak”. The main theme of this visual is money and her fierce attitude which is prevalent. It’s clear that no one can mess with her, she’s only focused on the money right now.

Flo Milli might have just saved 2020 with Ho, why is you here?.


Watch the music video for “Weak” here:


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