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    Kim Kardashian Is A Fake Bitch.. Called Out On Flat Tummy Tea Bullshit!!!

    It’s 2019, who really drinks Flat Tummy Tea?

    Kim Kardashian is one of the most beloved reality tv stars on the planet. One of those days was yesterday when she landed in hot water for a flat tummy tea ad. Flat Tummy tea is a meal replacement shake that tons of celebrities promote. Mrs. West posted the ad on her social media, and all hell broke loose!

    Kanye ain’t all there, but he still smashing Kim Kardashian, and we consider him a lucky dog. Just yesterday it was announced that Kim won’t need to pop that coochie for a fourth child. The married couple will be having a fourth child through a surrogate. The news comes at a wonderful time, as just a few weeks ago The West family was at a disagreement with Drake.  Drake ain’t no bitch, but Kim Kardashian ain’t having it and took up for her husband. OverallKim will continue to build her brand, regardless of the negativity surrounding her history. The business women was at the unfortunate end of a video release reflecting a penis in her mouth. But, hey celebrities are weird these days and she is not exempt. Or is she? Based on the tweets below, people are not here for it!

    Do you think Flat Tummy Tea actually works? Do you think that all the celebrities are lying?? Leave your comments below and for more gossip keep it linked to!


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