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    Five Facts About Marijuana From Around The World

    Though increasing in popularity for both its recreational and medicinal purposes globally, marijuana is still viewed as an illicit narcotic in many places. Whether it is THC, CBD, hemp, or any other derivative; reports that pro-marijuana legislation is very often the result of of a “softening of public attitudes [towards marijuana and its potential benefits].” Check out below five international facts about marijuana.

    1. Uruguay Becomes the First Country to Legalize Marijuana

    Ironically, the illicit trade of marijuana was popularized by the War on Drugs as it resulted in marijuana being trafficked like any other illegal street drug. In 2012, reports that Uruguay “aimed at replacing links between organized crime and the cannabis trade with more accountable state regulation”. That same year, law makers in the United States took similar action.

    2. International Trade Laws Do Not Allow Recreational Weed 

    U.S. state legislation within the last decade illustrates that it is not challenging to convince voters to agree to legal cannabis use. According to, as of now “countries can only import and export medicinal cannabis under a licensing system supervised by the International Narcotics Control Board.”

    3. Russia’s (Insidious) Tinder Temptations

    Cannabis is illegal in Russia. The found that the Moscow Times published an investigation into Russian police agents who use the dating application, Tinder, in order to trick people into agreeing to cop ganja. Foreigners visiting are expected to follow these laws and the WNBA’s Brittney Griner, who was arrested for a hash vape, represents that.

    4. Japan Legalized Hemp in 2016

    The reports that CBD is “widely available across [Japan]” as a result of the 2016 legalization of hemp. THC is still, however, highly illegal in the country. Possession alone can result in years of prison time and tens of thousands in legal fines. Obviously, penalties for trading and trafficking are even more severe.

    5. Testing Positive is the Same as Possession reports that consuming illcit drugs outside of the borders of Singapore is still a violation of the Misuse of Drugs Act (MDA) for its citizens (and permanent residents). Those found guilty face the same penalties as anyone else caught using drugs in Singapore. Drug laws as severe as those in Singapore are common throughout Southeast Asia as well as in some Muslim countries. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, a positive drug test will result in an arrest for drug possession.



    1. Wow! These are some interesting facts about marijuana. Some will still call it the Devil’s lettuce, which is a bummer.

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