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    FineAzzGiGi Follows In The Footsteps of Others With “Like Me”

    There’s a new female rapper in town, coming for the crown. Introducing FineAzzGiGi.

    Cardi B, Mulatto, Megan Thee Stallion and so on, 2020 was the year of the high-profile succulent rappers. Now, sex has always sold when it came to music, but the new wave of female chart-toppers has opened the flood gates for many emerging artists with the same M.O. like FineAzzGiGi to follow suit with vivacious music like her new single, titled, “Like Me.”

    The first single off her forthcoming project, “Like Me” showcases the newcomer’s style and gracious wordplay along with her curvy frame. A true lyricist at heart, the song embodies what it means to be an independent woman walking in confidence. The lyrics cancel out the need to rely on anyone and encourages all to eliminate any feelings of self-doubt

    She plans on bringing out the best of herself as an artist, through flow, style, choreography and showmanship. And with female rap at an all-time high right now, GiGi couldn’t have picked a better time to release music and become a standout.

    FineAzzGiGi was discovered by Stephon Dupree and Dupree Entertainment. The same Stephon Dupree who was instrumental in the discovery of R&B superstar Bryson Tiller. GiGi is sexy, dominate, skillful and so much more, under Dupree’s tutelage, she will be a bonafide superstar in no time.

    FineAzzGiGi stands firm on not letting her look define her. From beginning to end, she delivers it impressively.

    Hands down, one of the best new songs of the month. “Like Me” is available now via own imprint. Stream it below.


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