Fetty Wap Performs At A Bar Mitzvah With Crutches And Helps Make It Rain

Fetty Wap Performs At A Bar Mitzvah

What’s better than becoming a man while making it rain with Fetty Wap? One 13-year-old boy got to live in that reality for his Bar Mitzvah.

Although Fetty Wap is still recovering from his motorcycle crash earlier this year, he still showed up to perform at a Bar Mitzvah in his home state of New Jersey to the tune of $50,000 (crutches and all). The young boy who celebrated his birthday was extremely happy, and Fetty even gave him $1,000 to make it rain at his own party. What better way to celebrate a birthday for a 13-year-old than with a mechanical bull, arcade games, candy in the shape of sushi, and Fetty?


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