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    Fetty Wap Lost His Mind On A FaceTime Call

    Celebrities often use social media to help promote their brand and talk with fans. Sometimes they even perform absurd shenanigans, as we saw during the government shutdowns. Though, some celebrities really can’t handle the internet. Rapper Fetty Wap clearly can’t handle being on social media, especially after he lost his mind on a FaceTime call. Recently, police arrested the emcee for threatening someone on the web.

                Fetty Wap Threatens To Murder Someone On A FaceTime Call

    via LADibble

    When we’re angry, emotions tend to run high sometimes. Things grow tense, and no one is having a great time. Though, sometimes we just have to bite our tongue in the moment. Otherwise, we’ll regret the things we said and pay the price. Unfortunately, Fetty Wap didn’t bite his tongue hard enough, after he repeatedly shouted threats of homicide during a virtual call recorded back in December.

    According to court documents, the government obtained footage of the video, which shows Wap having a heated discussion with an unknown male correspondent. After the man calls the rapper a snitch, Wap goes off when he repeatedly says, “Imma kill you and everybody you with.”  Further digging himself a hole, Wap pointed a gun at the person during the call. Unfortunately, the internet can either make someone or destroy their lives in a matter of seconds.

                He’s Facing Serious Jail Time For His Crimes

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    Clearly, Fetty Wap needs to see a therapist and work out his anger issues. That would be a better and well-served punishment, rather than facing a jail sentence. Furthermore, the “Trap Queen” rapper violated state law for possessing a firearm and threatening someone. Additionally, he went against the terms of his Nov. 5 release on $500,000 bond in connection where he was charged for allegations of conspiracy to possess and sell controlled substances. It gets worse for the rapper, after a judge revoked his bail and threw him in prison. At this rate, Fetty Wap should just work on keeping a low profile and stay off FaceTime.


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