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    Fetty Wap Lawsuit That Will Make You Blink Twice

    It seems as though Fetty Wap is in some major financial and legal trouble. What’s more surprising is that it comes by way of a former employee.

    Fetty Wap has been known for having a temper at times, and now it seems to have finally caught up with him. A former employee of Fetty is taking the rapper to court. Shawna Morris is a former tour employee who claims that she is owed $242,703. He made things appear worse by allegedly bashing her in the press. Fetty can’t seem to stay out on trouble on any level.

    Fetty Wap Lawsuit

    Furthermore, Fetty will have to head to New Jersey to face a suit from the former employee. Things got more tricky as Fetty allegedly agreed to pay her between five and ten percent of his performance profits. What made things worse was that she had to front her on money for tour-related expenses. In the beginning, he would reimburse her, but after a while payment began declining.

    Above all, she claims that Fetty made stated that she stole money from him. Hence she states that her reputation was ruined based on Fetty’s words. The Trial is set to start on June 11th.

    Do you think the Fetty Wap lawsuit will be dropped? Will Fetty have to pay out the lawsuit? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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