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    Feminists All Over The World Are Rapping About Women’s Rights

    Check out these feminist rappers and their approach to addressing topics that are most important to them.

    1. Social Change Through Rhymes

    Portuguese, “Ghetto Woman” by Laysa; “Minha gangue vem do gueto, pro mundo só respeito/Essência vem de dentro, não tem a ver com peito.”/”My gang comes from the ghetto, for the world only respect/Essence comes from within, it has nothing to do with the chest.” She is a feminist rapper who definitely moves with confidence and pride.


    2. Death and Sex

    French, “Plus putes que toutes les putes” by ORTIES; Featured in 2016 French film Grave / Raw , the verses in this horror-core inspired rap are downright creepy. “C*nard, je te préfère dur et froid, t’es moins b*vard.”/”A**hole, I prefer you hard and cold, less bullsh*t.”

    3. Art vs. Imperialism

    Russian, “Organs” by P*ssy Riot; The English translation of “organs” is “law enforcement bodies.” Members of the art collective “P*ssy Riot” are no strangers to Russian law enforcement officers, and some have even seen jail-time as a result of their antics. Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj is the published exchange of letters between prominent P*ssy Riot member, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Slavoj Žižek.

    4. “Where ‘You From?”

    Japanese, “TOTSUKA” by ASOBOiSM and featuring Cypress Ueno; This is a rap about the “hometown” of Totsuka. “Where ‘you from?” This song is fun and cute!

    5. Better Skip The Ring

    English, “Bling Bling” by Junglep*ssy; Junglep*ssy rocks the English-language as a Brooklyn-born singer of Jamaican heritage. As a Black woman, she represents “double jeopardy” as she must navigate in-between dealing with two marginalized identities. “Bling bling, *****, do my own thing,*****/F*** a wedding ring that ding a ling was just a fling, *****.”

    These feminist rappers didn’t hold back in their rhymes. How do you use your voice to support women? Let us know in the comments below!



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