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    Female Minneapolis Officer Kim Potter Killed Daunte Wright

    Given last year’s demonstrations of Black Lives Matters protests, we’d hope that the government would learn from their past mistakes. However, police brutality against the black community continues to rage on all across America.

    Recently, former Minneapolis police officer Kim Potter shot 20-year-old motorist Daunte Wright for a traffic misdemeanor. The court has charged the 26-year-police veteran with second-degree manslaughter. Justice prevailed but Potter’s sentencing didn’t stop protesters from raging in the streets. Protestors argue that Daunte Wright’s wrongful death just further reinforces the notion that systematic racism exists.

                      The Unjust Murder Of Daunte Wright

    daunte wright
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    Daunte Wright’s murder comes right off the heels of mass homicides happening state-wide. The 20-year-old motorist had been shoot by Minneapolis police officer Kim Potter, who’s served on the force for 26 years. Sources say the female officer pulled over Daunte Wright for driving with expired tags last Sunday. Additional information, however, revealed that the 20-year-old motorist had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. According to sources, authorities charged Wright for both possessing a gun without a permit and failing to appear in court after running from officers.

    A body camera showed Potter approaching Wright as he’s arrested by other officers. The 20-year-old struggles against the officers, leading Potter to respond with a warning, “I’ll Tase you! I’ll Tase you! Taser!” However, the video showed the Brooklyn Center officer reaching for her handgun and firing a single shot. According to sources, Potter had the taser gun hoisted on her left, not her right side. Moreover, the former Brooklyn police Chief Tim Gannon attempted to argue that Potter intended to reach for her taser but accidently pulled out her handgun.

    Regardless of the supposed accident, both the police Chief and Potter have resigned from the Brooklyn Police Center Department. Specifically, the courts slammed Potter with second degree manslaughter for her incompetence.

                         The Black Lives Matter Protests

    Daunte Wright
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    The Brooklyn Center police Chief argued that Daunte Wright’s murder had been an accident. However, the public didn’t seem to buy Gannon’s story. In fact, hundreds of protestors gathered around Brooklyn Center police headquarters for four nights in a row. Video footage shows the protestors holding BLM protest signs and one demonstrator carrying a fake pig’s head hoisted on a pole. While police stood on the rooftop monitoring the crowds, protestors chanted under a mix of snow and rain, “Say his name! Daunte Wright!” The peaceful protest quickly turned violent as demonstrators started throwing objects at the police. The situation escalated when officers fired gas cannisters and sprayed chemicals at protestors. Rather than listening to protestors, the justice system just worsened racial relations.


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