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    The Feds Got Tekashi In The Act Ordering A Homicide…Case Closed!!

    The Feds got Tekashi 6ix9ine from every angle!!

    He hasn’t been in the news as much since we all know that he’s behind bars.

    The rapper was placed in jail after being the main suspect in several different crimes. It’s not looking good for the rapper as his official case isn’t set to take place until September 2019.

    What’s worst is that the judge has denied his bail on numerous occasions, even after offering close to 1 million dollars and surrendering his passport. Now more information has come in that will surely bury the New York rapper on even more stuff.

    The previous month visuals were leaked to TMZ of 6ix9ine apparently ordering a hit on Chief Keef’s cousin Tadoe. During the recording, the plan to is discussed regarding Tadoe’s whereabouts, along with talking about cash for the hit!

    Whoever recorded Tekashi while performing this act set him up really good. Now it is believed that the Feds are looking into the events of the video, and will use it as support for their case.

    Damn Tekashi, you’ve been sloppy this whole time. Tell us your thoughts?? How long do you think he’ll get sentenced for?


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