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    Federal Officers Promise to leave Portland

    Federal Officers have agreed to leave Portland, Oregon.

    Nightly protests in Portland have, like many cities throughout the U.S., been dominating the news recently. Angry protesters clashing with federal officers has drawn the attention of many worldwide.

    This past Wednesday, however, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced federal officers would begin to leave Portland’s federal courthouse.

    The announcement stated officers could begin to leave as early as Thursday, July 30th.

    While officers confirmed this statement, they emphasized their departure to be contingent on the state’s ability to secure the area. Officers will only leave once assured Portland’s  violence has been control.

    This agreement mainly took place between Governor Brown and Mike Pence. Pence is Brown’s closest contact within the White House, and the two have been in communication over the past few weeks.

    The promised retreat of officers appears to be contrary to the Trump Administration’s stance on the matter. Trump has often referred to Portland’s protesters as wild and violent, needing federal officer’s to keep things under control.

    It has been made clear, however, that the presence of federal officers has only increased tension. With his impending election, it is time Trump acknowledges how recent protests and angry citizens reflect on him as the nation’s leader.

    Trump has made sure to emphasize that while federal officers have promised to leave, he demands proof of the city’s leadership having the area under control before this occurs.

    The announcement of officers leaving Portland came one day after Seattle’s leadership announced the departure of their own federal tactical team. The team had been occupying Seattle since last week.


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