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    FBI Reports an Increase in Hate Crimes During Donald Trump’s First Year in Office

    Hate crime is a crime of violence committed against someone motivated by prejudice or intolerance against a specific group of people. Examples of hate crimes range from bullying to inflicting property damage. The US Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that there are approximately 260,000 of these crimes committed each year.

    Just yesterday, the FBI concluded that, since Donald Trumps first year in office, hate crimes have increased by 17 percent. However, some are saying that the results aren’t accurate, because of limited statistics. As the report also suggests, the FBI only accounted for the crimes that were directly reported to the FBI. So it’s debatable if whether crimes have actually risen, or if the just the number or crimes brought to the FBI’s attention has increased.

    “The report found that nearly 58 percent of incidents were motivated by race, ethnicity, or ancestry. Almost 22 percent were motivated by religion, and nearly 16 percent were motivated by sexual orientation. The rest were motivated by disability, gender, gender identity, and multiple kinds of bias,” stated the reports.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, a synagogue in Pittsburgh was the center of a mass attack. Multiple individuals, who follow the Jewish faith lost their lives to a crazed gunman. The findings suggest that anti-black and anti-Jewish incidents have seen the greatest spike.


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