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    FBG Duck Killed 3 Weeks After Dropping “Dead B**ches”

    Chicago rapper FBG Duck was shot and killed in Chicago 3 weeks after dropping diss song “Dead Bitches”.

    FBG Ducks’ video for his song “Dead Bitches” has a million views because the rapper is dead 3 weeks later. In the song the rapper is dissing his dead “Ops, calling some of the dead by name.

    Chicago is notorious for its gun violence and the “drill” rap scene that is a result of the city’s inner-city culture. FBG Duck was a member of Chicago’s Fly Boy Gang and has been making music for over a decade.

    During an interview with XXLmag in 2018, the rapper had this to say about his tough-guy persona “Everybody thinks I’m this tough guy and that’s not necessarily true. I’m actually really quiet, humble, and loyal. I love to make jokes and have a good time—I’m really a people person.”

    The Chicago native music tells another story though and is full of violence, hate, and downright disrespect. While his death has not been connected to his music, if he really lived his raps then it is by consequence.

    According to the local CBS station, an eye witness made a report that the gunfire was the result of an altercation. Two men allegedly exchanged shots and one was seen leaving the scene towards “Michigan Ave”‘.

    A 26-year old woman and the 36-year old man were also shot as well, and both are in serious condition.

    The circumstances around FBG Ducks’ shooting are still unknown but speculation is that his gun Jammed after one shot.


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    Fans on Twitter took note of the FBG Duck’s “Dead Bitches” video is just one of his songs where the level of disrespect is off the charts. Even more, the fact his music has millions of views shows the people are in favor of such music.

    Someone who probably was not in favor of Ducks’ music was his mother, who now has to bury her 3rd child. The mourning mother went on Facebook Live, sharing her tears, and her journey through grief. Singing gospel songs, crying while driving, it’s quite painful to watch especially if you have been in her shoes.

    The gun violence in inner-cities of America, leaving mothers across this country grieving on the daily. However, these grieving mothers are sometimes as complicit in their son’s demise as the people who cargo in drugs for them to sell.  On many nights mothers who are friends grieve the loss of one son while the other inadvertently hide the gun the killed him.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think FBG Duck was killed because of his “Dead Bitches” video? or was it just a matter of wrong place wrong time, or just a matter of time?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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