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    Father Tom Shows Us Two-Sides Of The Story in “Angels and Demons”

    2020 is filled with edgy new artists, today, we learn about one of the most popular with emerging recording artist, Father Tom. Hailing from the unknown, he is an exciting new recording artist with trendy wordplay, unique cadence and limitless potential. Bursting onto the scene in 2019, Tom thrust himself into the mainstream scope this year with his undeniable music like his latest single, “Angels and Demons.” Today, the emerging artist delivers a visual treatment to the new song.

    In the new video, Father Tom provides shock and awe while taking us on a unique journey through the after-life. Tom’s approach teeter along the fence with comfortability but it’s a great presentation to attract newfound fans that we haven’t received since “Yonkers.” It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans which will lead to the discovery of Tom’s new music.

    Outside music, Tom has been very progressive on social media, speaking on the current climate within the black community. He tweets: “I have so many questions I truly want the answer to.

    Think about it. Black people were stolen and enslaves for hundreds of years. When we were slaves the white women was still oppressed by the white man. In the last hundred years women have been fighting rights against “men”, and I believe there 100 percent right and exact. But I feel you can’t target all men. Black men were also suppressed for hundreds of years and had our wives raped in front of us. If u really want to go back in time to our ancient Kemetic days. Black men knew the value of women and we treated them as equals.

    I’m smoking weed and just thinking right now. Now you cant hold that expectation because 85 percent of the world’s population is hard to be led in the right direction. This world started with black people. Now we’re listening to white people like they know what there talking about.”

    “Angels and Demons” appears on Tom‘s buzzworthy quick project, Mad Monkey. A four-song effort that also includes breakout songs “Monet” and “Jabroni.” The project is a direct follow-up to his breakout 2019 singles “Arrogance” and “Gotta Move.” The single and project are available now on all DSPs via own imprint.

    For everything Father Tom, follow the emerging star on Instagram.

    Take a look at the new visual, above.


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