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    Fat Joe Addresses His N-Word Use

    Through and through, Fat Joe is a rebel. He is not putting up with society’s games! It isn’t like the man doesn’t have heart. Joe said in an interview recently with The Breakfast Club that he is working on curbing Fat Joe’s N- word use. Fat Joe even admits he feels bad that the word is used too rampantly in hip-hop. Still, he acknowledges it isn’t fair people judge him for how he speaks without understanding his context.

    Fat Joe, as he was called then, grew up in the projects. He uses this word to speak kindly on his peers, friends, and neighbors. Fat Joe isn’t preaching hate to anyone, and he only asks for the same in return.

    “You need to judge a person by who their character truly is, who they really are, who they represent,” Joey Crack said.

    People may wonder, is Fat Joe black? The truth is, he relates to the word as a Latino who grew up in a certain place at a certain time. He personally knows that the struggles Black people face are very much shared by Latino and Indigenous Americans alike. He even goes so far as to identify as Black, because he identifies so heavily with the culture and making a difference.

    All of this on the heels of Joe’s high profile law suit in which he alleges his accountant company scammed him out of more than $300,000. Fat Joe appeared on the show to promote his new book, The Book of Jose: A Memoir and the 2022 BET Awards, which he hosted. How do you feel about the use of profanity in rap? Let us know with a comment!



    1. Profanity has always been a hot topic and an easy way to divide the people.
      Do curse words have a place? Sure, just like FJ says, it’s all about context. I also think intention comes into play as well, but that’s not always easy as easy to discern.

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